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In July 2020 the Pump Centre introduced a free webinar programme for its members. The majority of the presentations are based on mechanical &​ electrical equipment and assets used within the water industry. The webinars that have taken place are listed below and recordings of most of these are available for Pump Centre members to view. Please check the links below.  

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Webinar 20: Securing Operational Assets.
Presenters: Grant Coffin, Technology Consultant Team Lead, Software and Control, Rockwell Automation and Andy Bullock, Technology Consultant, Rockwell Automation.   
Date:  Thursday 18th March at 13:30hrs.
The continuing trend in networking is the convergence of technology, operational technology (OT) with information technology (IT). More connected operations can create more potential entrance points for industrial security threats. Threats can come in many forms – physical versus digital, internal versus external, or malicious versus unintentional. Security is not a static end state, it is an interactive process and there is no single product, methodology, or technology fully secures control networks - it is everyone’s responsibility.
In this webinar we will discuss a Defence in Depth approach to Cybersecurity. We will demonstrate how to gain improved visibility into what assets are actually part of your operational environment and the practical implementation of network security at the controller and visualisation layers. We will also consider ‘AAA’ (Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting) methods for effective network management and security.
Recording Available for Pump Centre members

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Webinar 21:  Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Wireless Pump Monitoring Technology – The Pros and Cons.
Presenter: Steve Barrett, Co-Founder, Riventa Ltd  
Date:  Thursday 3rd June 2021 at 13:30hrs.
Riventa would like to share the journey and experience gained from developing and deploying wireless technology in pumping stations around the world. The flexibility of service that can be delivered with wireless products compared to traditional wired instrumentation and the data insights and challenges.
Recording Available for Pump Centre members

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Webinar 22: Size is not enough  - A comparison between pump couplings and running shoes!
Presenter: Pia Wiesmann, Industry Manager Pumps & Compressors, KTR Germany. 
Date:  Thursday 17th June 2021 at 13:30hrs. 
Discussing how couplings, as critical components, influence not only the performance of chemical pumps, water pumps, and waste water pumps, but also extremely complex applications, such as pumps in a nuclear power plants. Comparing with the help of an everyday object, such as a running shoe, helps to make the topic tangible and show how decisive the selection of the connecting component (coupling) can be. The coupling not only serves to transmit torque, but must also handle displacements due to heat, installation error, vibration, etc., ultimately protecting the adjacent components and reducing downtime.

Recording Available for Pump Centre members
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Webinar 23: Industry Best Practice: Chemical Metering & Safety Systems.
Presenter: Jake Beaver, Commercial Projects Solutions Engineer - Prominent Fluid Controls (UK) Ltd. 
Date:  Thursday 1st July 2021 at 13:30hrs. 

Webinar 24: Fish Safe Pump Solution in Flood Management.
Presenter: Heinz Wichtrup, Sales Manager Services & Solutions Central Europe - Flowserve. 
Date:  Thursday 8th July 2021 at 13:30hrs.

Since 1886, Flowserve deals with protecting the population against the threatening of rising water levels of rivers and seas. In addition to proven reliability, efficiency and maintenance-friendly design of our pumps, Flowserve NL has developed a new feature: fish-safety. The larger pumping stations are often already fish-safe due to the large dimensions of the impeller and the low speed of the pump. For many of the smaller pumping stations there is usually the need for modification in order to improve the survival rate of the fish as it passes through the pump. This applies in particular to the pumping stations that are important for fish migration. 
Recording Available for Pump Centre members
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Webinar 25: Easy vibration monitoring with IO-Link.
Presenter: Vince Burson – Condition Monitoring Sales and Support Specialist, IFM​. 
Date:  Thursday 29th July 2021 at 13:30hrs. 

Industrial-grade machine protection integrates directly into your existing control platform. Machine condition is continually monitored for common fault conditions of impacts, component fatigue, and friction. 

Allows timely and predictable scheduling of maintenance before major damage or failure and production downtime.
Machines are continuously and permanently protected, unlike when using intermittent measurement monitoring.
• Simple installation
• No control cabinets or extensive wiring required
• Accurate equipment condition assessment
• Root cause analysis tools without the complexity and high price
Not yet available.
Webinar 26: Details to be confirmed
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