Pump Centre Young Engineer Awards 2024 

Nominations are open!

For many years the Pump Centre has encouraged and supported the development of Young Engineers in the UK who work with any aspect of pumps and associated systems. One of the ways it does this is by making an award to those whose level of achievement and development is recognised as being above average for their position. There are three categories for the awards: Professional, Technician and Apprentice.

Click here to see a list of our previous winners:Roll of Honour 2023.pdf

The Awards are presented each year during the Water Equipment Show dinner held at the Telford International Centre and we are planning to host the “live” 2024 awards on the evening of Wednesday 15th May 2024.

How to enter

The guidance notes for the awards can be downloaded via the following link:

Young Engineers Awards 2024 Guidance Notes v2.pdf

To enter the awards, please download the nomination form via the following link: 

YEs Awards 2024 Nomination Form v1.pdf

Download instructions:

  • Click on the links.
  • PDF will be saved into your Downloads folder.

Award categories

• To qualify for nomination in the Professional Young Engineer category the candidate must be 28 years of age or less on the 1st March 2024 and have a formal qualification in an Engineering or related subject. The candidate will be working in a professional role with responsibilities and experience commensurate with that
of a professional engineer. In this context, ‘Professional’ is defined as someone having the necessary skills, 
education, and training to carry out their role. Candidates need not have achieved Chartered status at this 
point in their career or hold ‘substantial’ roles to be eligible to apply in this category. 
To qualify for nomination in the Technician Young Engineer category the candidate must be 24 years of age 
or less on the 1st of March 2024 and have proven experience on engineering projects as appropriate to their 
field of work. The candidate will likely be spending most of their time working outside the workshop in a less 
hands-on role, have a level of responsibility commensurate with that of a Technician Engineer and possibly 
be working towards a formal qualification in Engineering or a related subject.
To qualify for nomination in the Apprentice Young Engineer category the candidate must be 22 years of age 
or less on the 1st of March 2024 and have proven experience on engineering projects as appropriate to their 
field of work and primarily be working in the workshop or in the field on hands-on based tasks.

In each category the selection process will comprise two stages.
1. The first stage comprises an assessment of the nomination forms received to draw up a list of finalists
2. In the second stage, all finalists will be invited for interview and to give a presentation. For the 2024 awards      this stage will be conducted virtually. All candidates must be available to attend the interviews.

Eligibility for Award

1. The competition is open to employees of Pump Centre member companies and employees of non-member companies who work closely with Pump Centre member companies (e.g., contractors, 
consultants etc.).
2. Non-member companies may nominate one young engineer. 
3. Each Pump Centre member company can nominate or endorse up to 3 young engineers in each award 

Nomination Requirements

All Nominations must comply with the following requirements

1. Nominations must be made using the ‘Pump Centre Young Engineers Awards 2023 Nomination Form’
attached. Please ensure that you use this form, older versions and entries in any other format will 
not be accepted. 
2. Nominations must be endorsed by a representative from a Pump Centre member company. 
3. The endorser and nominator in Pump Centre member companies can be the same person. 
4. The Nominator must have known the nominee in a working capacity for at least one year (e.g., 
manager, team leader, foreman etc.). The nominator does not have to be an employee of a Pump 
Centre member company. 
5. The nomination form must be completed in full by the nominee and nominator. For non-members 
the nomination form must be endorsed by a Pump Centre Member. 
6. All forms must be returned to the Pump Centre on or before Friday 24th November 2023
Nomination forms received after this date will not be considered.

The awards are not limited to anyone working in one type of company or Pump Centre membership category. Anyone satisfying the eligibility criteria above is eligible for nomination. Candidates can be in any of the major disciplines and there is no restriction regarding the type of work they carry out. The nominee’s type of experience is also not limited to any one type or category. What’s more important is the level of achievement of the nominee and their personal development and the contribution they have made to their business.

For more information - please download and read the guidance notes. 


• Nomination Forms to be submitted at the latest by Friday 24th Nov 2023
• Stage 1 Judging will be completed during December 2023 
• Short-listed finalists will be notified and provided with further details of Stage 2 in January 2023.
• Stage 2 Judging (Interviews) will take place on week commencing Monday 19th February 2023 
• Candidates will be informed of the outcome of the interviews by mid-March 2024
• Official winners’ announcement will take place on 15th May 2024 at the Water Equipment Show conference dinner.


In each category the award winner will receive a package of prizes worth several hundred pounds comprising:

· A commemorative certificate or trophy

· A gift voucher worth up to £250

· A one day Pump Centre training course worth up to £450

In addition, the award winners and all Stage 2 short-listed finalists will receive an invitation, for them and a guest,
to attend the Water Equipment Show dinner awards ceremony on the evening of Wednesday 15th May 2024.

Please note: All items are subject to variation and the Pump Centre's decision on all matters relating to the Pump Centre Young Engineer Awards is final.