Conferences, Exhibitions & Awareness Days

The Pump Centre typically hosts up to 8 events every year throughout the UK. These are a combination of conferences, exhibitions and awareness days. 

The four main Pump Centre conferences and exhibitions are: 

  • The Water Equipment Show, which is held in May at the International Centre, Telford.
  • Scottish Conference, which is held in October in Glasgow.
  • Yorkshire Conference which is held during June in Leeds
  • Anglian Conference which is held in November in Peterborough   

The Water Equipment Show ​conference and exhibition is a major one-day event for engineers. It is predominantly, but not exclusively focused on the Water Industry. The exhibition has grown significantly over the past 3 years and now attacts 100 of the UK's major manufacturers and suppliers to the water and wastewater sector. Each year the conference is based on a different technical theme. A number of breakout sessions are run alongside the conference. The breakout sessions cover a range of general engineering topics and they aim to provide a training element to the day.  The 1000 plus attendees have "free access to all areas" and are able to choose their own agenda and maximise their enjoyment of the event. 

Over the past few years, the Scottish Conference has been run with support from Scottish Water. The technical event is different every year and it is always based on different aspects of pumps and pumping. The event is usually held at a venue close to Scottish Water's office in Glasgow.  The size of the venue limits the event to a maximum of 100 attendees and 20 small exhibition stands. The Yorkshire Conference event is operated on a similar format with support from Yorkshire Water and is held in the Leeds area. The latest conference, the Anglian, is held in Peterborough with support from Anglian Water.

Pump Centre Awareness Days are smaller low cost events that are focussed on a single topic. Some of these days are produced and delivered by Pump Centre and its consultants and others are produced by a number of Pump Centre members working together on a common theme.  They are equivalent to between half and three-quarter of a day of training, the typical format is a mid-morning start and a mid to late afternoon finish. 

Pump Centre members are welcome to contact us (​) if they wish to propose a topic for a future awareness. We typically need a minimum of three member companies to be involved to make it a Pump ​​​​Centre event.​