Techincal Members Area

The Pump Centre website aims to provide a technical resource for those interested in pumps and pumping systems.  Some of the information on the website is available to NON-MEMBERS who have registered for a FREE basic account.  The majority of the information is, however, only available to PUMP CENTRE MEMBERS. 

To Register/Sign in

If your company is not a member of the Pump Centre, you can still register for a FREE basic account, which allows you access to a limited amount of technical information in the FREE ZONE
PUMP CENTRE MEMBERS and NON-MEMBERS register and sign-in in exactly the same way, but will have different levels of access to the information. 
To register, simply click on the 'WOULD LIKE TO REGISTER' button (above) and follow the instructions. Once you have registered, you will be sent a temporary password which you can change later. 
To sign in, simply click on the 'SIGN IN' button (above) and enter your ​USERNAME and PASSWORD in the relevant fields

Pump Centre Members Area

The MEMBERS AREA is accessed by clicking on the 'PUMP CENTRE MEMBERS AREA' button (on the left) and contains information that is only available to Pump Centre members.  Registered users who are employed by companies who are members of the Pump Centre will have access to most of the technical information in this area.  Access to this area will not be instantaneous because a user will need to be verified and their company’s membership status confirmed before they are manually granted Member Level access.  Until this happens, they will only have access to the FREE ZONE.
Please Note:
Within the technical area we also have specific group and project information.  This information can only be accessed by PUMP CENTRE MEMBERSthat are either bonafide members of the group, or those that have signed up to and paid for specific projects.  Access rights to these specific areas - will be assigned to the appropriate users by the Pump Centre.  

If a company leaves the Pump Centre, all employees of that company will lose their access to the Members Area. Likewise, if an individual no longer works for a member company they will also lose their access rights.  ​