​​​​​​​​WIMES Document Area

This WIMES document area controls access to the latest versions of the Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications (WIMES) and their associated resources.

The WIMES may be downloaded in PDF format by Level 1 and Level 3 Pump Centre members and may also be downloaded in both PDF and MS Word format by WIMES Recipients (nominated water company employees).

Anyone wishing to download the WIMES should register with this website. Following registration, permission will be granted to download the relevant files by the WIMES Co-ordinator, according to membership status.

​The WIMES datasheets (MS Word/Excel format) and WIMES LCC models (MS Excel format) (and associated guidance notes) may be downloaded by anyone browsing this webs​ite, irrespective of membership status; hence there is no need to register with this website to d​ownload these files.

Companies who do not wish to become Level 1 or Level 3 Pump Centre members may alternatively purchase individual WIMES documents by providing a purchase order or cheque for the required amount. Each WIMES document is priced at £100 (Ex VAT). Please complete and return the downloadable payment form.

To print a list of the WIMES Document Index - Click Here!

WIMES with an asterisk at the end of their title have been re-issued to inlcude content for embodied carbon, otherwise they are identical to the previous version. ​