Water Industry Maintenance Work Group (WIMWG)

The main objectives of the WIMWG are as follows:

  • To develop a forum for the exchange of information relating to maintenance of plant and equipment in the UK Water Industry;

  • To generate best practice guidance notes on a wide range of maintenance related topics via appropriate benchmarking activities, technical events and where possible, pilot studies and test trials.

The WIMWG will allow maintenance personnel to benefit significantly from the knowledge and experiences of their peers in other companies and will also give them the opportunity to collaborate in pilot studies, technical events and discussions relating to high level strategy, common problems and new technology.

Mission Statement:

“To reduce the operating expenditure and Life Cycle Costs (LCC) of process plant and equipment used in the Water Industry by”

  • Identifying and promoting best maintenance practices; and
  • Identifying common maintenance-related problems and developing solutions to overcome them”

WIMWG project is currently in Phase 7. Each Phase is approximately 12 months duration and Phase 7 will be completed towards the end of summer 2021.