Job Vacancies

Posting a Vacancy

Another benefit of membership is that Pump Centre members can post job opportunities on our website. Just forward your copy in Word format to, along with your logo and we will do the rest. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure the copy is accurate and to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment or complications, remember to notify us when the position gets filled or the job is no longer available.  We cannot be held responsible for any errors.


This job vacancy page lists job opportunities that have been provided by companies who are members of the Pump Centre. All the contact details required to follow up each vacancy are included in the listing.  The information provided is given in good faith and the Pump Centre cannot be held responsible for its accuracy. Listings will be held on the site for approximately 6 months, or until we are told by the listing company that the vacancy is no longer available. 

Please note: The Pump Centre has does not have any information about the specific job listings. For more information about the vacancy the listing company must be contacted direct. ​​​  

There are currently no available vacancies