About​​​ Us

In the Pump Cen​​tre we deliver value by bringing tog​​ether people with a shared interest.

​A passion for pumps and pumping

Pumps are at the heart of most industries and are used to transport liquids from potable water to the most volatile, hazardous and toxic of chemicals. Specifying incorrect application data at the outset can have alarming consequences and we are focused on providing objective and unbiased technical information designed specifically to overcome problems before they arise.

However, it is much more than merely keeping our members informed of the latest data and developments in pump technology – our advice is independent of any manufacturer or supplier organisation and we have built up a great deal of knowledge since our formation in 1992.

We offer a number of exclusive benefits that allow us to add exceptional value to the way our members conduct their business. At the same time, members can take advantage of the real and exciting promotional and training opportunities available including attending our exhibitions, conferences and training seminars at greatly discounted rates.

​Transforming the way you work

Immediately after they join members may take advantage of the substantial networking opportunities – our Annual Conference and Exhibition, which is now known as the Water Equipment Show,​ typically attracts over 400 guests to the pre-show dinner and a staggering 1100 attendees on the day. The best supported UK dedicated pump event of its kind by far, it is easy to see why it has become the ‘must attend’ event for the industry.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to book stand space at the next Water Equipment Show.​


Our strength is diversity of membership

Our members are drawn from all aspects of the supply chain and this means we are able to bring pump users, manufacturers and suppliers together under one roof to share information. We help members find new suppliers and develop customer contacts.

We are always on hand for reassuring help and technical support. If you need to know anything about pumps and pumping systems, call on us - between us, ​we have the answers to assist you.

There is an outstanding willingness amongst members to help each other and joining will allow you to make new contacts, exchange ideas and develop tangible sales prospects, all of whom share a common aim – a passion for pumps and pumping.​​​