​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Webinar Programme​

The Pump Centre has introduced a free webinar and virtual seminar programme for its members. The majority of the presentations will be based on mechanical and electrical equipment and assets used within the water industry. The list of forthcoming webinar topics is shown below. 

As part of their membership, Pump Centre members have the opportunity to both present and attend these online presentations. Webinars will be held regularly avoiding busy holiday times and they will be delivered using MS Teams. 

How to Book ( Where specified the webinars are only available to the employees of Pump Centre member companies.)

If possible delegates should book the webinar at least 48 hours before it is due to take place.

Step 1: Download the generic webinar booking form: Webinar Booking Form​

For the virtual seminar Stainless Steels in the Water Industry please use the specific booking forms below:
Step 2: Each delegate must complete and return the booking form by email to:

​Step 3: The Joining Link will be sent to eligible registered delegates between 24 to 48 hours before the webinar.

We require a seperate form for each webinar you wish to book.

Your company's membership credentials will be verified before the "Joining link" for the webinar is sent back to you via your company email address that you have provided (Please note the link will not be sent to personal email addresses). If you would like details about Pump Centre Membership, please contact Jim Eaves,​ .       

Forthcoming Webinar Programme
VIRTUAL SEMINAR  - collaboration with the Nickel Institute
Date:  Friday 4th November 2022. 
Total Duration: Two 60 minutes sessions plus Q&A​​
(​FREE for all Pump Centre & non Pump Centre members

Title:  Stainless Steels in the Water Industry.  
Collaborative Virtual Seminar involving the Nickel Institute & the Pump Centre  

Presenters: Roger Francis, Consultant Metallurgist​​ & Benoit Van Hecke, Nickel Institute Market Development Manager Europe

This seminar is aimed at those working within the Water Industry and will provide good understanding of Stainless Steels. It will explain the different types of stainless steel and their mechanical/physical properties. It will provide details about corrosion resistance and discuss typical water industry use and applications.  MORE DETAILS OF THE AGENDA ...

To Book : please download complete and return the correct booking form - see below